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Detailed Ultrasound

In 4D ultrasonography during pregnancy, sound waves are sent to the tissue with the help of a probe and the sound waves reflected from the tissues are displayed on a screen.

With this ultrasonography, it is possible to see the baby's 3D picture and 4D film image in real time, that is, at the moment the ultrasound is performed. This is a very exciting technology for families. Studies conducted so far have not found any harmful effects of 2-3-4 dimensional ultrasound on the unborn baby or its mother.

3-4 dimensional ultrasound during pregnancy can be performed from the first months of pregnancy. In every 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus, that is, the baby in the womb, shows different behavioral and movement characteristics, and these characteristics can be detected with 3-4 dimensional ultrasound. The 6-7th months of pregnancy are the period when the best 3-4 dimensional ultrasound images can be obtained so that families can understand what their babies look like.

What are the benefits of 3D and 4D ultrasound?

It is thought that the baby's movements and behaviors in the womb may be a symptom of some mental abnormalities that may occur in the womb.

The baby's movements and behaviors can be evaluated with 3- and 4-dimensional ultrasonography. For example, the baby brings its hands to its face, tilts its head forward or throws it back, turns it left and right, stretches or gathers its feet, fetal facial movements, that is, the baby in the womb smiles, opens and closes its eyes, sticks out its tongue, makes chewing movements, yawns, grimaces, etc. It is possible to monitor closely with 4-dimensional ultrasonography.

With 2D ultrasonography, the baby in the womb, that is, the fetus, is examined in detail. 3- and 4-dimensional ultrasonography can also provide more detailed examination in case of an abnormality detected in your baby. In some cases, depending on the baby's position or low water flow, good images may not be obtained.

In addition to all these, it is thought that the attachment between parents and the baby increases when parents and other family members see 4D ultrasound images of the baby, watch its movements and see and imagine what it looks like. As can be predicted, these moments are very exciting for families. The baby's 3D and 4D ultrasound images can be stored digitally and families can watch them on their own video or computer.

18 - 23 weeks detailed ultrasound (detailed ultrasound)

By adding the fetal heart examination to the detailed ultrasound examination known as level 2, it is called level 3 ultrasound.

Your best pregnancy is between 18-23. The baby's entire body, such as the brain, face, spine, heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys, hands, arms and legs, is examined anatomically.

At the same time, the location and structure of the baby's partner, which we call the placenta, the amount of baby's water and fetal growth are also evaluated.

In most cases, families can be relieved to learn that their babies are developing normally. In addition, any abnormality that may occur in the baby can be evaluated in advance and the necessary actions can be taken without delay.

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