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Barıs Buke Consalting Room Name That Adds Happiness to Births

Mümine Büke- Midwife, Birth Coach and Nurse

Birth.. That miraculous moment when you bring your life into the world! Even though I have witnessed this sacred moment thousands of times, with each birth I get as excited as the moments when I gave birth to my son Kuzey and daughter Su. For years, I have been accompanying every stage of the birth journey, which is very special for the mother... Sometimes it is very comfortable, sometimes it is a little difficult, but there is no way to describe that moment when I see a pair of tiny hands trying to hold on to life!


Hello, I am Mümine Büke.

I am a graduate of Ege University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Midwifery. My professional life started at Private Karataş Hospital in 2005. I started working at Private Çınarlı Hospital in 2011. Since 2019, my life partner, Gynecologist and Perinatologist Assoc. Dr. I work at BB Clinic with Barış Büke. Throughout my career, I have worked as a midwife, birth coach, operating room nurse and head nurse. I loved being a part of this adventure that started with the first heartbeat in the womb, being as close to the most innocent lives in the world as their parents, and witnessing the joy in their eyes at the first encounter.  

With each birth, I experience again and again that a happy mother means a happy baby. The mother's happiness also depends on trust and uninterrupted support. Anxieties, anxieties, fears of the expectant mother; With an environment of trust and uninterrupted support; It gives way to peaceful, healthy, happy mothers and happy babies. In order to reach more women for more happy babies and a beautiful future, we provide Birth Preparation and Newborn Baby Care training at BB Clinic. In order to answer all the questions on the minds of pregnant women and their spouses at every stage of this miraculous process, our Gynecologist and Obstetrician, as well as our Anesthesiologist and Pediatrician, are also involved in our training. Our training helps our prospective parents prepare physically, mentally and psychologically for birth and after birth.

We are with our mothers and fathers every hour of the day regarding the pregnancy process, birth preparation, birth, postpartum care, breastfeeding and baby care. From the moment birth begins, we never leave until you hold your baby in your arms. We are here to prepare an environment where the expectant mother will feel comfortable before and during birth, to provide her with physical and psychological support, and to ensure that she has a beautiful birth, regardless of its shape. We also support the needs of the mother and her baby after birth. We continue to be together for proper breastfeeding, kangaroo care, and the baby's first bath.

Afterwards, I continue to meet with happy mothers and happy babies. I watch them grow with photos, videos or personal visits. I want to continue my job, which I love so much that I took my daughter Su when she was four days old and went into labor for many years!

A tiny seed of love has been planted within you and set out towards life. A new life begins for you, too, with him.

  • What awaits you in the 9-month period?

  • What Should You Pay Attention to?

  • Personalized Pregnancy Education

  • Changes During Pregnancy

  • Nutrition During Pregnancy

  • Drug Use During Pregnancy

  • Sexual Activity During Pregnancy

  • Birth Methods

  • Epidural Anesthesia

  • Respiratory Relaxation and Breathing Techniques

  • Pilates And Yoga Exercises

  • Natural / Normal / Caesarean Birth Follow-up

  • Physical and Psychological Support During Birth

  • Postpartum Mother and Baby Care

  • Breastfeeding Consultancy

  • Home Baby Visit and First After Birth  bath

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