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Our patient comments are comments written on the Doctor Calendar page, independently of us, and are published without any editing.
Thanks everyone.

January 8, 2022  • Regular appointment

The doctor informed us in detail about our pregnancy process and its risks. He didn't leave any questions for us to ask him :)

January 5, 2022  • Regular appointment 

Assoc. Dr. I went to Barış Büke for the routine check-up of my 21-week-old baby. He examined my baby with a very detailed ultrasound examination. He explained everything clearly, one by one, without drowning in medical jargon. He gives confidence to both you and your spouse with his calmness, knowledge and mastery of his subject. I sincerely recommend it.

December 20, 2021  ...

I went to Mr. Barış upon the recommendation of a close friend of mine. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. That's why I was worried. I was very relieved when I went to Mr. Baris when I was 5 weeks old. His calm speech and knowledge give you confidence. I looked forward to my pregnancy check-ups. I felt relieved when Mr. Baris said, "There is no problem, everything is fine." My birth went smoothly and I did not experience the pain I expected at the cesarean section. Thank you again for everything.

December 18, 2021  ...

Barış Büke is a wonderful person and a very successful doctor in the diagnosis phase. We met him in 2017. From the time I got pregnant until I received my twin daughters in good health, his rights will not be paid. You can trust it with peace of mind in every matter, its attention to detail makes you feel like you are in safe hands.

December 2, 2021  ...

I am a patient with abdominal cerclage. My pregnancy checks are going very well. We are now 14 weeks old. Thank you to our doctor for your attention and everything. Everything is going well now.

November 27, 2021  ...

Our beloved doctor Assoc. Dr. We had our last appointment with Barış BÜKE today. It's almost time before we reunite with our daughter. It was a great chance for me to have Barış as my doctor during this process. After each check-up, you leave the clinic with peace of mind. In short, BB Clinic gives you peace and confidence. Mr. Barış's attention and knowledge are enough for you to have a comfortable pregnancy. I would like to thank my doctor Barış BÜKE and BB Clinic staff for everything.

November 27, 2021  •...

I came from Istanbul for a detailed ultrasound. He is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. We learned an important detail that other doctors did not see until the 20th week. I definitely recommend him.

November 6, 2021  ...

It was my first and high-risk pregnancy, Mr. Barış followed up my pregnancy, he calmed his patient down when I was in danger of miscarriage, answered every question I asked in detail and devotedly in every examination, answered me whenever I called, regardless of the time, and it was a very pleasant experience with the sincerity of Mr. Barış and his team until the last moment of my birth. I gave birth with 0 pain and it took 3.5 hours with artificial pain. Thank you bbclinic team for everything.

October 23, 2021  ...

I am in my seventh week of pregnancy. Last week I had bleeding due to my myomas. We were looking for a doctor to get the opinions of a different doctor besides our own doctor. We went to Barış Bey upon the suggestion of an acquaintance. He gave us very comforting and satisfying information. We were very pleased. Let me thank him in this way. :)

October 14, 2021  ...

We met Mr. Barış in 2019 due to my first pregnancy. He is one of the most successful gynecologists in Izmir. He has a very knowledgeable, calm and comforting demeanor, and he easily enlightened me on the questions I had during my pregnancy. I can say that the cesarean section was also successful, I have no scars left from the birth stitches. I will continue my routine check-ups with Mr. Barış.

October 5, 2021

He is my normal pregnancy doctor. He followed my pregnancy process for 9 months. I am very satisfied from the beginning to the end. I held my baby in my arms in good health. I recommend him to everyone, he is a good doctor, a good perinatalologist.

October 4, 2021

I went for the birth. She took care of me during my entire check-up, appointment, birth process and after birth. It went perfectly. We live in the same place, I reached out through an acquaintance, but it went well. I would go again, if only once more. I highly recommend it to everyone.

September 17, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

We went for a detailed ultrasound. The welcome was very nice and warm. The check-up was done on time and the doctor's detailed explanations were good.

September 13, 2021  • Cesarian section

I have heard the name Barış Bey many times regarding risky pregnancy. I previously had a twin pregnancy loss at the 20th week due to cervical insufficiency. After a lot of research based on my friends' references, we met in the 8th week of my 2nd pregnancy. If I had known that he was applying the treatment process (insemination / in vitro fertilization), I would have preferred him in that process as well. I'm glad he was our doctor. His dedication during my pregnancy, the way he carefully cared about and listened to all my complaints, the way he calmly explained and reassured me whenever I was worried about something, the way he patiently answered my phone calls no matter what time it was or how many weeks pregnant I was :) (it was the most sensitive issue for me), and thanks to him, I was able to get used to holding my child in my arms in good health. I'm so glad I knew him and that our paths crossed with Mr. Barış. Thank you a thousand times. Bb clinic family, we are glad to have you.

September 6, 2021  • Regular appointment

I went for a detailed ultrasound, both the reception and the attitude during the check-up were very informative and clear, thank you.

31 August 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

We went for an early detailed ultrasound. They saw all the details in detail and explained them without worrying. They said there was nothing to be afraid of. You are definitely a 4/4 doctor, both in terms of knowledge and humanity. I'm glad to have you. Again, thank you very much from here.

31 August 2021  • Cesarian section

Our doctor Barış Büke diagnosed my baby with omphalocele when he was 12 weeks old. I didn't have an easy pregnancy like everyone else, but thanks to our doctor, my worries were replaced by a comfortable pregnancy until birth. We were always able to find answers to our questions. Our doctor arranged everything necessary for postpartum. Thanks to him, my birth took place the way we wanted. My baby had surgery due to this diagnosis. He remained in the incubator for 15 days. Afterwards, thankfully, we received him in good health. Due to my high-risk pregnancy, our doctor managed both the process until and after birth. In short, I can say that you should follow exactly what your doctor Barış Büke tells you during your pregnancy :). I would like to thank him once again from here. I'm glad to have you

26 August 2021  • Cesarian section

My dear doctor, whom I have been going to since the beginning of my pregnancy, who helped me hold my daughter safely a few days ago, and with whom I have never had any problems either during appointments or during the birth. I'm glad Mr. Barış, and if I were pregnant again, he is the doctor I would go to again. I met him when I found out I was pregnant. He was very caring and sincere from the very beginning. He always explained everything in detail before I even asked. Even though I asked the same questions many times, he never got bored and answered me patiently and calmly. I could ask even the simplest thing that came to my mind without hesitation. I looked forward to the appointment days. I always left with peace of mind after appointments. I can't thank you enough. I'm glad to have you, I'm glad I was with you on this beautiful journey. Thank you so much.

25 August 2021  • Other

I was 8 weeks pregnant when I met Dr. Barış, and I had had 4 chemical pregnancies before. I reached him as a result of searching for a good perinatologist, and I'm glad I did. He is a wonderful person who erased my fear and anxiety at the first examination and created an incredible sense of confidence in me with his calm and confident attitude. He is a doctor, he greeted us with a smile at every examination, he would give detailed information about my baby, I would go home comfortably without any question marks in my mind and look forward to the next appointment. Thanks to him, I had a healthy and beautiful pregnancy for 9 months and was reunited with my angel, and after birth it was like nothing at all. I was able to return to my daily life as if I had not had a caesarean section. Entrust yourself and your baby to the knowledge and valuable personality of my teacher Barış without hesitation, you will never regret it, I am glad to have you, sir, we love you.

24 August 2021  • Regular appointment

I met my teacher Barış after I lost my 3 babies. I wish our paths had met earlier. With his attention and experience, he found the problem that had not been found for so long, at our first appointment and we started treatment. He noticed my tube problem, which my previous doctor could not see, and we went into surgery immediately. I believe everything will be better with him from now on. The only doctor whose diagnosis and decisions you will have absolutely no doubt about. Thank you very much for your understanding, close stance and trust.

24 August 2021  • Cesarian section

They said my baby might have a genetic disorder, they said he had a cyst on the back of his neck in the 13th week, but Mr. Barış reassured us very much and said there would be no problems and helped me have a very comfortable pregnancy. He took great care during the birth, and thanks to his wife and team, I had a very comfortable pregnancy. We couldn't afford anything to do. I'm glad our paths crossed, and he helped us have a chubby-cheeked baby, our dear doctor.

24 August 2021  • Normal (Vaginal) Birth

My wonderful doctor and my wonderful midwife, who were always with me during both pregnancies. I have wonderful births with my wonderful team.

August 3, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

I went for a detailed ultrasound during my pregnancy. I was very pleased. He gave us good information.

July 26, 2021  • Normal (Vaginal) Birth

The king of SSVD, a smiling, calm, clear, sincere and valuable doctor to whom many other things can be written. After my first cesarean birth, I applied to him for normal birth. I'm glad I went and had such a beautiful 9 months and finally gave birth like a princess. Thanks to his knowledge, self-confidence and persuasiveness, he patiently supported us without fear. I would like to thank them, I recommend them and I like them very much.

July 14, 2021  • Cesarian section

I took medication for my illness without knowing I was pregnant, and we had fears because of this situation. Since we trusted Barış Bey's knowledge and experience, we went through this process with him from beginning to end. Our doctor is meticulous and detail-oriented, he checked the baby in detail at every examination, and always answered our questions with the same calmness and patience. He openly shared the situations he saw as risky and talked about solutions. Thanks to Barış Bey, we went through this process very happily and peacefully, and we had our baby in good health.

Endless thanks to our dear doctor Mr. Barış and his team.

June 28, 2021  • Regular appointment

While I was going to Barış Büke for a detailed ultrasound with the guidance of my doctor due to some doubts, I had all kinds of question marks in my mind and heart. But when I saw the infinitely trusting attitude and meticulousness of my teacher Barış, I could not leave the BB clinic. During the rest of the process, he clarified all my questions one by one and explained them one by one until I felt comfortable. I cannot describe the happiness of hearing 'we are fine' from my teacher Barış at the end of each examination, I am glad our paths crossed. Thank you so much for helping us reunite our son with health.

June 23, 2021  • Other

In vitro fertilization treatment and birth. Mr. Barış, may God bless you and your staff, thank you very much!

June 22, 2021  • Other

We discussed frozen embryo transfer, and his approach to informing us about how the treatment would proceed in the future was very nice. We thank you.

May 28, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

We went for a detailed ultrasound as we were 22 weeks pregnant. We were able to enter with my wife. It was a nice conversation, we had a few short laughs. He took care of everything about our baby. I heard that a detailed ultrasound takes at least 40-45 minutes, but we finished the detailed ultrasound in 20 minutes. He gave me the photo of the CD and the baby's face as a printout. He was a lovely and caring doctor. The institution was clean. Thank you in short

May 21, 2021  • Regular appointment

I was very pleased with the explanatory information and guidance he gave, thank you to the doctor who will not leave any questions in your mind before and during pregnancy.

May 12, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

We normally live in Istanbul, but since we were in Izmir during the detailed ultrasound, we preferred Mr. Barış. We had never been told such detailed information about our first child, it was as if we were listening to it for the first time. We were very pleased with his interest, interest and detailed explanation. 22. We would like to arrange to visit him again next week, thank you.

May 11, 2021  • Regular appointment

I was so pleased that I can't explain it. I went for a detailed ultrasound. Today, thanks to him, he stung me even 3 times and did not show his face. This was the last time we saw him. He worked very hard. The doctor put me at ease. I highly recommend him for everything.

May 10, 2021  • Regular appointment

Since I had an AMH level of 0.54, I became pregnant after my second IVF treatment, but in the double screening test, I was advised to find a perinatologist due to the risk of Down syndrome. Following many recommendations, we crossed paths with Mr. Barış and his wonderful team. At the first examination, he reassured me and my wife and said that there was no risk and that the baby was as healthy as babies in normal pregnancies, and my wife and I decided to continue our journey with him because he really reassured us with his interest, concern and approach style. I am currently in my 39th week, thankfully we have no problems, birth is almost here. I can easily reach him whenever I need. You can choose it with peace of mind, we are very pleased.

May 4, 2021  • Regular appointment

My first pregnancy and birth were really problematic. The doctors didn't even understand what my illness was until my daughter was born prematurely. The doctor at the state hospital where I was taken into emergency surgery told me to see a specialist perinatologist if I was thinking of having a second child. We went to Mr. Barış, based on the advice of someone at my wife's place of employment and the internet comments. Frankly, going to Mr. Barış is one of the rare decisions in my life that I am glad I made. He is very attentive, explains everything down to the smallest detail in a way that you can understand, and suggests different alternatives if you cannot figure out what is going on. He is in favor of the natural progression of pregnancy. He does not want to intervene unless necessary and does not. We listened to the heartbeat twice for nine months. He said it was not necessary to disturb the baby. Ultrasound doesn't take much time, he looks at it immediately and ends it. It was very good for us to explain each image one by one. You can ask even the most ridiculous thing that comes to your mind. He answers with a smile. In short, it is exactly what you need for stressful pregnancies like mine. My pregnancy went very well, thanks to you. The clinic is very spacious and the staff are very attentive and friendly. I thanked you very much face to face, but I also thank you here.

April 29, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

I went to Mr. Barış first for a 4D ultrasound and then for my baby's abdominal circumference growth retardation. In both examinations, he cleared up all the question marks in my mind. He is a very caring, friendly and experienced doctor. I was very pleased with both of my examinations, I recommend you to go there without hesitation.

April 21, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

He is a great doctor. I went with the recommendation of a friend and I recommend him to everyone. When I went for a detailed ultrasound in the 5th month of my pregnancy, I had concerns. However, he made me feel at ease by answering all my questions with his calmness and deep experience, without getting bored. Thank you endlessly for his friendliness, interest, detailed explanations and incredible energy, which put us at ease with accurate determinations... My best and most correct decision is BARIŞ BÜKE

April 19, 2021  • Regular appointment

I am 23 weeks pregnant. So far, we are very pleased with Mr. Barış's information both in terms of humanity and in his field of expertise. Even though I went through a risky pregnancy, I am very at peace thanks to his approach. I recommend pregnant women to come to Barış Bey.

April 17, 2021  • Prenatal Education and Birth Preparation

He is an excellent doctor with his welcome, friendliness, knowledge and guidance. The most excellent doctor who helped me with his experience by answering all my questions about birth and going through the process together.

April 9, 2021  • Prenatal Education and Birth Preparation

It was the 10th week of my pregnancy, we came to Mr. Barış with the recommendation of our doctor, I say I'm glad we did, because thanks to his trustworthy approach that explains everything about you and your baby down to the smallest detail and shows the right way, and thanks to Mümine Hanım's birth coaching, we can go through the pregnancy without the slightest worry. You finish and have a wonderful birth. It would definitely be beneficial for you to meet him, you will understand when you go. Thank you BBclinic Family

Sevinç D.

April 9, 2021  • Regular appointment

It was an appointment I went to very nervously. We tried insemination twice with another doctor and were directed directly to the in vitro fertilization center. When we met with Mr. Barış, we were informed that the other vaccinations were not effective because they were done by heart and were done without even taking a uterine film. First, my uterine film was taken. Now we will try vaccination again. Thank you, it gave us hope.

March 29, 2021  • Cesarian section

Excellent doctor, excellent team. I'm glad our paths crossed and I spent my pregnancy with these beautiful people. Our dear doctor Barış Büke, who explained my fears and questions with all his sincerity and without getting bored. I'm glad to have you, our doctor, who helped me have the best birth, which was my biggest fear. Thank you very much for Hershey. We were reunited with our beloved baby in a healthy way. If it were to happen again, I would spend this beautiful process with my teacher Barış and his beautiful team.

March 24, 2021  • Other

Mr. Barış is a really good doctor. Since we did not have children for a while, my wife and I visited several doctors and met with Mr. Barış upon his recommendation. He gave us great confidence with both his interest and knowledge. After a beautiful pregnancy, thank God, we are now with our child. I personally recommend it to everyone around me. We had a beautiful process with his smiling face, sincerity, supportive, even brother-like approach, and with the support and sincerity of his precious wife and team. I had a comfortable birth with the confidence given by my teacher Barış. We are always grateful to my teacher Barış, who is a real "physician" in my eyes, for saving us from the ridiculous and sad directions of some doctors and helping us reunite with our child.

March 20, 2021  • Cesarian section

The clinic was a place I went to every month with excitement. Even during my first high-risk pregnancy, the clinic gave me relief. A clean, caring, friendly and trustworthy doctor brought me back to health for my daughter. Thank goodness for you, Barış teacher.

March 20, 2021  • Regular appointment

It was a great chance for us to meet Mr. Barış and the BB Clinic family. They supported us both face to face and by phone during this difficult process. If we had met before, I hope every pregnant woman would meet Mr. Barış. We held my daughter in our arms in good health. Nice to meet you BARIŞ BÜKE and BB CLINIC

March 20, 2021  • Regular appointment

Our doctor and brother, who managed my wife's pregnancy flawlessly despite all the risks with his superior medical knowledge, and who always held us in high regard with his humanity and fatherly personality. I'm so glad we have you, we're so glad we met you. BBClinic family, we love you.

March 10, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

We cannot thank Mr. Barış enough, whom we visited for the second time, for ensuring that we came out happy and positive during our detailed ultrasound check-up, with both his interest and knowledge :) You can trust him with your eyes closed. I'm glad we got to know him, and I would also like to point out that everyone in the clinic is very friendly and warm, I'm glad to have you BBCLINIC

February 25, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

We went for a detailed ultrasound and we were very pleased with our teacher Barış. He explained everything very well and clearly. He answered all our questions with peace of mind. Thank you to him. I'm glad to have you, Barış teacher ;)

February 8, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

I know our teacher Barış from my first pregnancy, so I went again for a detailed ultrasound. Thanks again, he put our minds at ease and made me breathe easier in the 23rd week of my pregnancy. I love his knowledge, experience and clarity. He is a good perinatologist in Izmir that I can recommend, thank you for everything.

February 4, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

I went for a detailed ultrasound, everything was checked, I was very pleased, he was a very caring doctor. Thank you for your interest and interest.

February 1, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

I went for a detailed ultrasound. His attention, knowledge and explanation, everything was perfect. He is a really great doctor. I would definitely recommend him.

January 23, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

We had a detailed ultrasound done. We got the answers to our questions. We were very pleased. Thank you for your interest and relevance.

January 21, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

The attention, approach and detailed explanation of Mr. Barış and his assistants was very nice. "

As a result of my detailed ultrasound, we were both informed and very pleased. I wish you continued success.

January 18, 2021  • Cesarian section

During my first pregnancy, I was living outside Izmir and had a risky pregnancy. I met Mr. Barış in my second pregnancy, based on his advice, and I say I am glad because I had a pleasant pregnancy period, away from risk, as if the previous experiences I had never experienced. His calmness and peaceful support over my stress and fears. He became our guide and in the end, we held our baby safely in our arms. We are glad to have you, Uncle Barış, who is the best doctor we could meet, as he explains everything in detail in every examination and listens to you patiently...

January 18, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

I was examined for detailed ultrasound by Mr. Barış. We were pleased with his interest and enlightenment in a way we could understand, thank you.

January 9, 2021  • 4D Ultrasound

We went for a detailed ultrasound. Our doctor at the hospital gave guidance. We were very pleased. I would recommend.

December 28, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

We applied to Mr. Barış in the 22nd week of my pregnancy, as a result of searching for a perinatologist. You feel like you are in the right place, starting from the attitude of the team before the examination and their professional approach during the examination. I would like to point out that he is a positive, common sense and very experienced physician. If you are looking for a doctor related to gynecology and obstetrics, I hope you cross paths with him.

December 22, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

We chose Milas for a detailed ultrasound. We were very pleased with Mr. Barış. The detailed ultrasound examinations and the answers he gave to my questions without getting bored made me very happy. The clinic is very, very clean, the staff is very attentive. Thank you, Mr. Barış, we are glad we came, we are glad we got to know you.

December 21, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

We preferred doctor for detailed ultrasound scan. It is the most important examination for an expectant mother and that's why we were very nervous. Thank God, the doctor explained everything one by one and examined it in detail, we were very pleased with our baby. There was no question mark in our minds, we went with anxiety and left very happy. We would like to thank each and every one of them, from the nurse to the secretary. It was a very sterile and spacious environment. We were very pleased.

December 19, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

The team is very friendly and caring, and Mr. Barış gave us very detailed information about our baby. We definitely recommend :)

December 19, 2020  • Cesarian section

He is an excellent, competent doctor whom I met in the 20th week of my pregnancy, when another doctor said the baby had donne syndrome during a detailed ultrasound, leaving me in a dilemma about whether to abort my baby and searching for another doctor. I'm glad our paths crossed and we were reunited with our sweet daughter in good health. Babacan is more caring and polite than I can describe in words. He is a unique physician who values his patients and explains everything down to the smallest detail. He is an excellent physician who answers every time we call, helps and examines down to the smallest detail. He is a physician I can safely recommend to everyone. I'm glad to have you, I'm glad we got to know you, I wish you continued success.

December 14, 2020  • Cesarian section

Our paths crossed with Mr. Barış in the 16th week and were crowned with the reunion of our daughter. His calm and detailed explanations and his calming and stress-free approach gave us a happy time. Hope to see you again. Thank you so much Barış Buke and his beautiful team

December 12, 2020  • Other

A quality doctor who knows his job.

I advise.

He scanned all my baby's organs.

His relationship is very good

The employees are polite.

Everything is fine, thank you.

December 11, 2020  • Other

I went for a detailed ultrasound in the early weeks, and I was very pleased with how she explained everything about the baby in detail, with her beautiful explanations. I thank him and his colleagues.

November 21, 2020  • Other

My wife's risky pregnancy, her current knowledge, experience, interest and interest are wonderful. We are glad that we met you in a city we are unfamiliar with because we were transferred to Izmir. We are very happy that she explained every detail of my wife's 2nd pregnancy without getting tired, so that there would be no question mark in our minds. Any He is a member of the family you can always call and ask if you have any problems. The staff is very friendly, his examination is spotless. I recommend it to everyone. I'm glad you are our doctor. Thank you very much for everything..

November 20, 2020  • Cesarian section

He is always smiling, very careful, very enlightening and understanding... I trust him.. We completed our journey together on November 10th, we welcomed our baby in a healthy way, I recommend him to everyone.

November 17, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

Our doctor Bahar Baykal saw a problem in our baby's single kidney, asked for a detailed ultrasound and referred us to Mr. Barış. Mr. BARIŞ welcomed us in a friendly and smiling manner. We thank him very much. Yes, there was a problem in one kidney, but it was not life-threatening, he informed us about this and reassured us. We thank him again.

November 13, 2020  • Cesarian section

I met Mr. Barış in the 5th week of my pregnancy. Thanks to the information and care he gave throughout my process, I understood the importance of having endless trust in a doctor much more while carrying a second life. I am very lucky that I found Mr. Barış and had a wonderful process with his interest and sincerity. I express my endless gratitude to him.

November 11, 2020  • Regular appointment

I am 15 weeks pregnant, I had concerns, but they turned into happiness... Thank you very much for your detailed explanations...

November 11, 2020  • Regular appointment

We went for a detailed ultrasound on my 23rd week of pregnancy. Mr. Barış explained everything to us one by one. He answered all the questions we had about our baby. We're glad we went :)

8 November 2020  • Normal (Vaginal) Birth

We met Mr. Barış in the 12th week of my pregnancy, when I was in a panic because my baby's nuchal translucency was high. By telling us everything about the baby's development one by one and informing us with detailed ultrasound images every time we went, she made us feel very comfortable and contributed greatly to my pregnancy being comfortable and happy. Normally, I am an impatient and panicky person, Mr. Baris's calm demeanor and his intelligent and detailed answer to even my most ridiculous questions helped me stay calm during this process and go to my appointments very happily. In addition, you feel at every appointment that he cares about you throughout this process and that he has mastered your process among all the patients. I think this is one of the most important things. It was very nice to spend the pregnancy process with such a doctor and then crown it with a normal birth. I would recommend it to everyone.

November 7, 2020  • Regular appointment

Assoc. Prof. Dr., whom I admire both for his knowledge, skills and humanity. I would like to thank Barış Büke for allowing us to hold our son safe and sound.

November 4, 2020  • Other

When I was pregnant with my twins, I was in a lot of pain, I was feeling unusual cramps, and I was only between 17-19 weeks. . When we had to go to Izmir by chance, I wanted to see a perinatologist and as soon as our dear teacher Barış Büke examined me, he told me that there was dilatation and if I had been 2 more weeks late, I would have lost my babies. The next day, cerclage stitches were performed in a small operation and I was reunited with my babies in a healthy way at the 35th week. If I had not been examined by him, I would have lost my children. Thanks to Deniz and Arya, they are now 2.5 years old. I would like to thank our teacher again and again.

October 12, 2020  • Cesarian section

Mr. Baris is a really competent doctor. He motivated me a lot with his patience and enlightened knowledge throughout my pregnancy. He made me feel that I was in safe hands. He made me feel so comfortable during my twin pregnancy. Thank you very much for everything. Choose Baris without hesitation, because he is both a reliable and an extremely pleasant doctor. I'm glad I have him. I met Mr. Barış

October 12, 2020  • Regular appointment

We met Doctor Barış Büke as a result of my internet research. I am a very meticulous person. It is not easy to please someone who reads articles and researches. We were very pleased with his moderate and explanatory attitude, understanding and knowledge. Thanks to him, I went through a difficult process in a healthy way. Absolutely reliable address during pregnancy. Hopefully, I will hold my baby in my arms in good health. I trust my doctor very much.

October 8, 2020  • Regular appointment

Mr. Barış is a really great doctor. Every time I go, he explains everything about my baby one by one. His approach towards us is also very good, whenever I ask a question, he gets back and answers immediately. Even if he sees everything in his own ultrasound, he tries for a long time until we see it too. He is sure. We are very comfortable knowing that we are in good hands. I recommend you to go without thinking.

September 24, 2020  • Regular appointment

He is a wonderful person, he is a wonderful doctor, we have reached 35 patients, I am grateful and I definitely recommend him to those around me, do not waste any time, he is a positive, tolerant doctor, I lost my baby even when I was not his patient, he was sincerely interested in answering my questions and helping me without being disturbed even once, that's why I chose him. I'm glad the Lord brought us together and hopefully we will be able to hold our son in our arms in a few weeks, we are waiting for that moment with excitement, I, his father and brother Efe.

September 1, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

Mr. Barış is a wonderful doctor. Even though I went there with millions of questions in my mind, I felt incredibly comfortable and happy when I left. She carefully examined every aspect of our baby one by one and explained it in a way we could understand. I thanked him hundreds of times, but I would like to thank him again from here.

26 August 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

Mr. Barış helped us to have a better understanding of the subject, as he examined all the important points in our detailed ultrasound examination with detailed explanations and explained the situations that need to be taken into consideration in the future, tactfully and using very simple language. Thank you very much for your smiling face and sincerity.

19 August 2020  • Regular appointment

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. We encountered this syndrome when I was having difficulty getting pregnant. The self-confidence that knowledge and experience add to it makes you feel that you are in the right place... It is a very clean clinic where very meticulous procedures go smoothly... I left the appointment with dozens of questions in my mind and all my questions were answered... I definitely recommend it.

18 August 2020  • Cesarian section

I met him when I decided to get pregnant. We were together from the first check-up until the birth. He was with us in every aspect and answered even our most ridiculous questions without getting bored. He became more of a friend to us than a doctor. I spent nine months with joy and looking forward to every examination day. As soon as you enter the clinic, the energy of the entire team is transferred to you. I'm glad I met you.

18 August 2020  • Regular appointment

I found Mr. Barış after 3 losses. I'm glad I found it. Thank God, I was reunited with my daughter thanks to the treatment he applied, and I received satisfactory answers to all my questions for 9 months. I always left the check-ups feeling very relaxed. I could reach him at any time, day or night, and he always responded with the same interest. Cesarean birth was the thing I feared the most, but I can say that it went very easily and I had no pain. Thank you very much to Professor Barış for everything.

15 August 2020  • Cesarian section

Thanks to him, we were able to hold our baby safe and sound. He is the best and most caring doctor I have ever known. I am so glad we passed through him.

15 August 2020  • Regular appointment

After a miscarriage and the death of my 6-month-old baby, I became pregnant again, in the 8th week of an anxious and risky pregnancy because I had diseases such as inflammatory rheumatism, blood clotting and Hashimoto's troitis. I met my teacher Barış, who I can reach at every call and comforts me every time I visit, and who is one of us with his detailed information. Doctor, I would like to thank you for allowing me to give birth in our 38th week, despite those who said that the 30th week is difficult. I would like to thank first my Lord, and then my teacher Barış, Mümine, our midwife, and the BB clinic, for allowing us to be a complete family with my wife and daughter. I'm glad to have you.

12 August 2020  • Regular appointment

Regarding dangerous pregnancy and birth, I came through another doctor, the baby's partner was close to the uterus and I came as a result of bleeding, but I'm glad I went, as a result of the 1-hour examination, I left all my stress of 3 days behind. I hope we will continue with the doctor in the next period, thank you for your 1 hour attention for everything. Thank you very much..

July 26, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

Upon recommendation, we came from out of town and underwent a detailed ultrasound for our triple test result, which showed a high risk. We will come again with our eyes closed, thanks to the doctor's experience, knowledge, empathy, sense of trust, and above all, his humane and understanding patient psychology attitude.

July 17, 2020  • Regular appointment

I recommend Mr. Barış and his team wholeheartedly. We were very pleased with the detailed checks during the pregnancy.

June 27, 2020  • Normal (Vaginal) Birth

During my first pregnancy, I always said that the moment of birth was important and our baby was diagnosed with congenital torticollis. We had a long training period and the process was very difficult for us. In this birth, we found Mr. Barış with the advice of our friend in health. We also talked about this situation with him. Apart from the fact that we could reach each other at any time and find answers to all our problems, the moment of birth was also important for me. At birth, we held our baby safely in our arms with our unique, friendly midwife Mümine and our beloved doctor Barış.

June 25, 2020  • Regular appointment

During a frustrating time, we made an appointment with BB Clinic upon recommendation and met Barış Büke and the BB Clinic family. Mr. Barış explained everything so well and with a positive approach that we left the clinic with great confidence in him and understanding that our baby had no problems. With all their friendliness and professionalism, the Bb Clinic family and Barış Büke are truly doyens of this business.

June 22, 2020  • Cesarian section

We met Mr. Barış upon the recommendation of an acquaintance. Successive baby losses made us incredibly unhappy and caused us to lose our faith until we met Mr. Barış. From our first appointment, Mr. Barış caused our faith to be reborn, thanks to his professional experience and self-confidence. As a result of the treatments he applied, we were able to restore our faith in our son. We met. Bb Clinic, which we went to with anxiety and fear at first, has become a clinic where we look forward to our appointments with joy. Barış Bey's sweet wife Mümine's positive energy during the birth and the help she came to the room the next day after birth and helped me breastfeed our son are also unforgettable. Thanks to her, I learned to breastfeed my baby. If you want to have a beautiful and enjoyable pregnancy where you feel in safe hands, I recommend you to entrust yourself to Bb clinic and Mr. Barış and his team.

June 19, 2020  • Prenatal Education and Birth Preparation

After my 6-year in vitro fertilization journey, when I received the news of a positive pregnancy in the blood, I started looking for a competent doctor in Izmir. I could not surrender my pregnancy, which I achieved after many years, to just any doctor. There had to be a doctor who would care about me like me and act very, very carefully to continue my pregnancy, and upon the advice of someone I did not know. Our paths crossed with Barış Buke. He is our doctor who answered every question I had, every message I sent, from the 35th day of my pregnancy until the 35th week, who I could reach by phone every time I called, who always entered his room with an anxious and fearful state and sent us home with a deep sigh of relief and a smile. The fact that he does his job well gives me confidence. In his first examination, he said that twin pregnancy is difficult, all kinds of risks are high, thank God you have received positive news, but the important thing is to be able to deliver these babies in your arms in good health, and thank God, that's what happened. Any doctor can accompany a healthy and well-run pregnancy, but like me I am a good doctor who postponed the threat of premature birth, which started at the 26th week with bleeding from the 14th week, which was hard to get and went through various difficulties, until the 35th week, and helped me hold my daughter and son in my arms safely, and did not overlook the smallest detail in every examination and patiently answered every question I asked. Our paths have crossed, and at the same time, I would like to thank our midwife Ms. Mumine, who works devotedly and gives me walk-in therapy at every appointment, Ms. Yilcan, the positive secretary, mother of twins, who answers every question in my mind, and Ms. Busra, our midwife. I'm glad you were with us on this journey.

June 1, 2020  • Regular appointment

We owe a lot first to God, then to our one and only doctor Barış Büke and his beautiful team, who brought us such a miracle. Unfortunately, although our first encounter had a sad ending, our esteemed doctor always added hope to our hopes. Thanks to the support, trust, patience and positive energy he gave us, we had a happy nine months. We finished this way and took our baby in our arms. I will never forget the patience he gave to our occasional calls and endless questions. Also, the efforts of his beautiful wife and his beautiful team and the positive energy they gave are on my unforgettable list. In summary, I am glad that we crossed paths with our dear doctor @Barıs Büke, I am glad that he is a member of the BB Clinic family. We became its members, and I wish the paths of everyone who longs to have children like us will cross. I'm glad to see our teacher Barış.

May 29, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

A caring doctor explained everything, answered my questions patiently, and we received answers to everything we wondered about our baby.

May 16, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

We met Mr. Barış thanks to detailed ultrasound. During my previous ultrasound checkup, I was told that my baby might have developmental delay. While doing research, we came across Mr. Barış and saw that he was an expert on this subject, so we wanted to evaluate him. I'm glad we went, we left Barış Bey with a smile after 3 bad unconscious days. His detailed explanation and attention put us at ease. I think my stressful state was reflecting on my baby. Since the day we met, after my wife and I trusted and believed in Mr. Barış, my baby started to move :) Thank you, Mr. Barış.

May 11, 2020  • Other

We met him suddenly in the 20th week of pregnancy, as a result of some research. Even though it was a week late, he said that a cerclage procedure should be performed urgently and reassured us with his speeches, so we decided to continue with him and we are glad we did. After cerclage, we had our baby in good health with the right medication and treatment. He is truly an expert on this subject and is also a very good person. He answered our questions day and night without getting tired and took care of me throughout my pregnancy. You can undoubtedly trust him and choose him.

May 5, 2020  • Other

As a result of the misfortune I had in my previous experience, my doctor is @barışbüke, who directed us even though I did not have a "Hello" patient, came to the hospital and paid close attention, and to whom I am grateful for his humane behavior as well as being a doctor...

I'm glad our paths crossed and you became the hero of our adventure that we started again with you.

Thanks to the trust he gave me during the most meaningful 9 months of my life, he always made me think positively and answered all my questions sincerely.

My anxieties, worries and fears disappeared every time I checked.. it was a great chance for me..

I will always remember how you helped us reunite our son in good health.

April 23, 2020  • Regular appointment

Before I even went to the clinic, the doctor took care of my pregnancy on the phone, he is someone who really cares about very naive people.

April 22, 2020  • Normal (Vaginal) Birth

We met him in the 6th week of my pregnancy, when we were at risk, and thank God for the trust he gave us with his clear conversations, now both my daughter and I are fine.

April 19, 2020  • Pregnancy test

Hello my wife. Birth. Pre. And. Post. A lot. Concerns. There was. But. BB clinic. Team. With. Without meeting. Before. It was especially. Ms. Mümine's 24th Hour. To the one who eats his head. But he does his job. The one he loved very much. Answer for. It's okay to give. Me. Both. My wife. To birth. Motive. He made it happen. And. And after. So Birth. Post. In. Full. Support. He gave. .Peace. Mr. I will say. No. Successful. ..calm ...and. He's a confident person. Most. Most importantly, we are from family. Their sight. We have it. Them. It's like family. We took it in. ...You have Ms. Yılcan. You are successful and. Büşra. Woman. Many thanks to you too. Thanks. We do. You too. Good motivation. You did. You came at our Time of Birth. Valuable. We took your time. ...well. I will say. This. Peace. BB clinic. It's a good thing. We have met. I think. Message. Don't write. My right. It's still filling up. What. It was written. Actually. ....everyone. BB clinic. Much love for his team. We love. ....with love..... BY THE WAY. WE ARE A. WE ARE FAMILY

April 14, 2020  • Cesarian section

My dear doctor Barış Büke and the BB Clinic team... I love each and every one of them very much. I'm glad to have you, my dear team, who waited with us for 2 hours just so we could leave the clinic with peace of mind, when I went for a check-up with my wife when I was only 6 weeks pregnant, and Brother Barış, who came to me tired after birth and gave us the good news, without turning me away in the evening... 24/7 throughout the entire process. I don't think I can explain here how nice it is to have a doctor (or even a brother who is more than a doctor :)) who answers every question that comes to your mind, who always puts you at ease with his smile, sincerity and knowledge, and who makes you rush to every check-up :) I don't think I could have gotten through this process, which turned into a risky pregnancy with the emergence of preeclampsia, while everything was going quite normal, without him. We are very lucky that he meticulously followed the entire process and my experiences, helped me get through the difficult days I went through, as well as my birth during the corona period, and reunited us with my little son in good health. We are glad we got to know you and went through the whole process with you. Also, I can guarantee that you will miss going to the check-ups and seeing the whole team after everything is over :)

April 14, 2020  • Cesarian section

I was someone who was very afraid of birth because I had never had an operation, but I met such a team that Mr. Barış himself, his wife Ms. Mümine, and the clinic staff are all so caring and professional that without understanding anything, you see that it has been a week and your baby is with you. It was a beautiful birth on April 7th. I passed and I feel very good now. I searched and wrote whenever I thought about it, and as a result, there was no question mark left in my mind. Thank you very much for everything, I'm glad I met you, I'm glad I was reunited with you, my baby, you will always have a special place in our hearts.

April 2, 2020  • Cesarian section

Thirty-six days have passed since my birth and I pray to you every time I look at my daughter.

I can't thank you enough, Professor Barış. I'm glad our paths crossed and I'm glad we had a naive, unique, successful, humble and friendly doctor like you. You never got tired of helping someone like me, who was anxious, stressed and anxious, go through the pregnancy process in a way that made her miss it. You and your team are truly wonderful...

March 6, 2020  • Other

He is a rare person who does his job with integrity and conscience. We never had a single day wondering about his personality and expertise. He was always with us during my first daughter and during my current pregnancy. We are so glad we got to know him, we cannot thank him enough. I am a very detail-oriented and panicky person, I ask a lot of questions, my doctor tried hard to help me get through the stressful times I went through easily, and he still is trying. I had to have amniocentesis due to a genetic disorder, I was very scared, but not for the person who would do it, but for the aftermath. He helped me a lot to get through this process easily. And I swear it didn't even last 5 minutes and I didn't feel anything. I would like to thank him very much for always being there for us under all circumstances. If you really want to have a good, safe and happy pregnancy, definitely meet BARIŞ BÜKEY.

February 27, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

Barış Büke has been both our doctor and a member of our family since 2017. He is the only person who never fails to support us, whether during pregnancy or general check-ups, and who calmly answers my endless questions and panics with his experiences many times, with whom I can communicate by phone 24/7, who puts us at ease. You cannot find a humble, sincere and humble doctor with his title in Izmir. I spent 9 months with peace of mind and my only daughter, Ece, who I kept in good health.. I am grateful to you, Professor Barış, thank you for your efforts, your experiences, we love you very much...

February 26, 2020  • Regular appointment

During my first birth, I experienced the support of Professor Barış in every sense, he always made me feel his interest and presence, now I came to his follow-up for my 2nd baby, I am very happy, I missed my doctor very much.

January 31, 2020  • 4D Ultrasound

I am glad that we are walking on this path with my dear doctor Mr. Barış, who ensured that my pregnancy was very beautiful and healthy, whom I could reach and get information at any time of the day, whom I trusted incredibly in every aspect, who allowed me to give birth very easily and calmly, and who ensured that I did not suffer at all during the postpartum period. His always smiling and successful team, like himself, is a big factor in making this process go perfectly.

January 30, 2020  • Normal (Vaginal) Birth

I have never met any other doctor who was as caring, cheerful, peaceful and reassuring as Mr. Barış. I was followed up from the 12th week of my pregnancy until the birth. I was able to ask anything that was on my mind easily. His approach, not like a doctor but like a brother, is very sincere and nice. My daughter was born in his hands. Thanks to Mr. Barış and his team, I had a perfect normal birth (even though I didn't show it much, I had fears that I wouldn't be able to do it). They helped me succeed with their motivation. I thank Mr. Barış and the Bbclinic Family for everything.

January 30, 2020  • Normal (Vaginal) Birth

I would like to thank Mr. Barış and his team, whom I got to know in the last months of my pregnancy and whose care and comforting approach made me feel good, for giving me the normal birth I wanted and supporting me.

January 30, 2020  • Regular appointment

The team was friendly and attentive, the place was clean and spacious. Our teacher Barış was also very interested and explained the process and our baby's development in detail. He is undoubtedly an excellent specialist who can be reached with peace of mind for those who are in Izmir and those who have the chance to come from surrounding provinces. Even though we came from a distant city, we had no difficulty in finding his clinic. We would like to thank our teacher and his relevant team very much.

January 30, 2020  • Normal (Vaginal) Birth

When it comes to expert staff and teamwork, BB Clinic comes to mind :) While everything was normal at first, we started an extremely risky pregnancy process with gestational diabetes and then gestational cholestasis... Of course, thanks to Barış Bey's expert knowledge and experience, we managed to overcome all the risks, we had absolute confidence in him. Thanks to the lung-enhancing injections that I received against my risk of premature birth, my son clung to life without experiencing any respiratory distress, even though he was born at the 35th week. Of course, we cannot forget my birth coach, Mümine, and our midwives Büşra and Yılcan, who always supported me throughout this process. :) I'm glad we crossed paths with you and your beautiful staff, beautiful family. The best doctor and birth coach in Izmir that you can trust without hesitation. Because they are among those who do their job with love :)

January 16, 2020  • Regular appointment

‌Our paths crossed with Mr. Barış after 3 miscarriages, when we went to have in vitro fertilization. Mr. Barış said that he would not do in vitro fertilization because I had gotten pregnant through normal means before, and that he would apply another treatment when I became pregnant; When I explained my current situation, he told me that I might be pregnant and that I should get tested. With God's permission, I was pregnant. With strict treatment, with God's permission and with the help of Mr. Barış, we held our baby Vera in our arms. Since I was incredibly worried about the miscarriages, she called me for a check-up every week and did each check-up in great detail.

‌Our doctor is very compassionate, sincere, successful, available 24/7 (I think it is very important that you can reach your doctor whenever you want), he is a perfect doctor, my family and I definitely recommend him.

We love our doctor and his team

‌We would like to thank the Bbclinic team (they are all competent and very sweet)

January 16, 2020  • Normal (Vaginal) Birth

We met with our doctor because I had problems with my first pregnancy and I was referred to perinatology. I was very sad and anxious at that time, but thanks to Mr. Barış's reassuring explanations and guidance, I became pregnant with my second healthy baby before it was too late. I was living outside Izmir and no matter which doctor I went to, I didn't feel comfortable. Because I could not find the care, trust, friendliness and experience that I saw in Mr. Barış. Fortunately, we were transferred to Izmir and I had a very nice moving process, which I felt comfortable with. Even though I wasn't appointed, I always went to him for critical checks. I wanted him to give birth to me, and that's what happened. I had an easy, painless birth. I can't thank you enough. During my pregnancy, I had a risk of premature birth, and thanks to the precautions he took, I made it to the 40th week. Whenever I called and asked about anything I had, he was always at the end of the phone. My wife and I always say that we are glad we met Mr. Barış. Thanks to him, our son Kerem is now in our arms.

January 2, 2020  • Regular appointment

Mr. Barış is a very expert doctor in his field. He tells us all the details of my pregnancy process every time we go for an examination. My wife and I are very pleased with Mr. Barış during this process. If you are looking for a Gynecologist in Izmir, I definitely recommend you to go to Mr. Barış.

December 24, 2019  • Regular appointment

I met Mr. Barış when I was 12 weeks pregnant, with the guidance of our doctor, with the suspicion that I might have a bladder enlargement (obstruction). Thank God, we learned that there was no problem. He enlightened us about things that might be related to the subject. I think Mr. Barış is a fun person in terms of giving detailed information.

December 16, 2019  • Other

IVF-myomectomy-pregnancy-birth...we needed a confident and reliable doctor in this difficult process. It was worth coming from out of town and it was worth it, thank God, we held our brave Kağan safely in our arms. A doctor who knows what he is doing.

December 14, 2019  • Cesarian section

Our paths crossed when I was looking for a perinatologist after the 23rd week of my twin pregnancy, which had risks from the beginning and started and continued with problems. He is a doctor you can trust with his right treatments at the right time and his explanatory and reassuring approach.

December 13, 2019  • Risky Pregnancy

We met Mr. Barış in the 20th week of my pregnancy. I was pregnant with twins and one of the babies had a developmental delay. Mr. Barış informed us correctly during this process and followed us closely. He stated that the heart of the baby with a developmental delay would stop, but by closely monitoring the other baby and making the right moves, we could hold him in our arms safely. . And in fact, the whole process proceeded as stated by Barış Bey. At our check-up 2 weeks later, my little baby's heart had stopped and a difficult process had begun for my other baby. When we reached the 34th week, with the follow-ups and necessary interventions, it turned out that my baby was starting to have difficulties and we needed to give birth, as Mr. Barış had previously predicted, with a quick intervention, which I wanted very much. We welcomed our baby safely with a normal birth. I feel lucky to have him with us during this difficult process.

December 12, 2019  • Pregnant Follow-up

I had a very easy pregnancy after meeting my doctor Mr. Barış. Moreover, as a woman who had a pregnancy at an older age, I had a very comfortable nine months. The reason is both the professional trust and moral confidence given by Mr. Barış. I also went through my birth process without any problems. He is predictable and experienced. I am very lucky for you. My daughter Luna is now in my arms. I am very grateful to you and your sweet team, doctor, bless your heart.

December 8, 2019  • Pregnant Follow-up

Our paths crossed with Mr. Barış in May 2018. Our story was sad at that time. Despite all the troubles, my wife and I were very pleased with Mr. Barış's follow-up, communication and sincerity. Fortunately, when our miracle came to us 1 year later, while we were thinking about which doctor to go to, my wife and I, as someone who has visited the best known doctors of Izmir, reached Mr. Barış without even thinking. And fortunately, our story was happy this time. Even though my concerns were at their maximum, I had a very comfortable and happy pregnancy thanks to Mr. Barış (I hope my husband thinks the same way) and now we have our little daughter in our arms and we continue our lives with our gratitude to Mr. Barış in our hearts. I guess it's been a bit long, the truth of the matter is that Mr. Barış is the best, most sincere, most successful, ennn, etc. doctor that a family could ever meet. We, as birders, are glad to have known you. By the way, if I have the chance to give birth to a second child, I promise I will not shout about natural birth.

5 December 2019

I met Dr. Barış upon the perinatologist recommendation of people around me, and at a time when I was not satisfied with my own doctor. He made me feel so good with his expertise, interest and warmth that I felt happy for the first time in a check-up and we continued our pregnancy follow-up with Dr Barış from that day to this day. Mr. Barış is an incredible supporter, a kind-hearted person who makes you feel like he is with you 24/7 without getting bored, puts you at ease with the detailed information he gives during the control processes, shows his expert knowledge, and laughs and cries with you. All his teammates he works with are equally professional and friendly. We overcame all my fears during the birth process with our dear midwife Ms. Mümine, and they gave me a wonderful birth memory. I feel like a member of the bbclinic family, not a patient of Barış Bey. They say Dr. is not recommended, but he is the only Dr. I can recommend with blind confidence in this life.. I'm glad to have you..

December 3, 2019 

When it comes to Mr. Barış, you don't know where to start. The best gynecologist I know is an incredibly positive, positive person who does not miss any detail and has answers to all kinds of questions that you can reach at any time of the day. Due to my gestational diabetes, he keeps track of what I eat and drink minute by minute and ensures a smooth pregnancy and a perfect birth. My dear doctor is the one who helped me do this. Of course, I cannot forget Mumine and the members of the bbclinic family, they are all wonderful people, you can trust them with your eyes closed. See you with the second child..

3 December 2019

We went on recommendation. My doctor, Barış, performed my birth with meticulous follow-up from the beginning to the end of my pregnancy. He is a doctor who made us very comfortable during my scary moments with his knowledge and experience, his sincerity, smiling face and naivety. He is the best in the Aegean and even in Turkey. His professional staff, this I can't help but forget his beloved wife, Mümine Hanım. Great team, I'm glad our paths crossed.

December 2, 2019  • RISKY PREGNANCY

OUR HERO DOCTOR! While I was expecting a premature birth at the 31st week as a result of my risky pregnancy, he miraculously carried me to the 39th week. His sincere approach, tireless and patient explanations, knowledge, experience, treatment method... make him unique in every way! Good thing Assoc. Dr. Peace BUKE! Fortunately, he is our doctor, our luck and our prayer! Hallelujah! My Husband, Our Baby and I LOVE IT SOOO much!!!

December 2, 2019  • Pregnant Follow-up

Barış Buke is a wonderful person, an excellent doctor. He gave me a very peaceful pregnancy without letting any doubts remain in my mind. I did not understand how 9 months came and went, thanks to his patient explanation of everything. He was not only a doctor, but also a brother and a friend, he was always with us. I gave birth, but Mr. Barış is still with us, patiently answering all my questions. He continues to give. I'm glad we have him, we love him very much.

October 23, 2019  • Pregnant Follow-up

What a woman needs most is to have a peaceful pregnancy. I had a happy and healthy process for 9 months, thanks to Dr Barış. He is an excellent doctor with his smiling face, his interest and of course his professional skills. He explains everything before you ask, there is no question mark left in your mind, what more could a pregnant woman want? I would like to write more, but I think it wouldn't fit here.. I'm glad our paths crossed.

October 23, 2019  • Pregnancy

I have been suffering from FMF for 20 years and I also receive thyroid treatment. I have a family history of diabetes. When my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks, I started looking for a perinatologist in my second pregnancy. As a result of my research, I reached Mr. Barış. In addition to being an expert in his field, his positive and calm approach gave me confidence. He applied special treatments to me during the first 16 weeks. Thanks to him and his team, I had a very comfortable pregnancy. Since our baby was large (4220 g), we decided together to have an epidural cesarean section. It helped us to hold our Mustafa Demir in good health at the 39th week. Our midwife Ms. Mümine Özdaş never spared us her knowledge and attention before and after birth. Mr. Barış is a very good doctor in his field with a very professional team. I definitely recommend it.

October 23, 2019  • Pregnancy

Every doctor is special, but even though there was no risk during my pregnancy, I chose him to be in safe hands, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. He is my dear doctor, who gave me my baby in my arms in good health, with his knowledge and attitude towards the pregnant woman, being at the end of the phone every time I called, opening his doors endlessly when I had the slightest doubts, and not having any money. I'm so glad to have you

If you want a hero in this special moment, this person is Mr. Barış, love.

September 30, 2019  • Risky Pregnancy

The gynecologist I went to with my wife detected a high-risk pregnancy at the 10th week. Therefore, he recommended a detailed examination and ultrasound. Based on our research and recommendations, we found Mr. Barış and contacted him. He performed our examination and explained the necessary information in detail. The baby is 14 weeks old and everything is going smoothly now. He is a great doctor you can go to with peace of mind.

September 20, 2019 

I got to know Dr.Baris thanks to my sister. My sister recommended him. First of all, he had preeclampsia in his first pregnancy. I lost my baby when I was 6 months old. My 2nd pregnancy was bad. I lost him at 5 months. My baby's brain was not developed and he had a cleft palate and lip. They said that my baby would not survive. That's why we terminated the birth with a lot of negativities. My child was not successful. I had lost hope in having children. I wasn't thinking about it until I saw Mr. Barış. I went there before I got pregnant. He gave me that confidence. I took that energy. I said, "This is it." He is caring, respectful, he understands the pain of the other person, and his eyes filled with tears when I saw him. He is very, very good. I highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks to him, I held my baby in my arms. Thank you. Salim, thank God, we have become very good and friendly brothers and sisters. I cannot thank you enough. Thanks to you, the sun shined in our house and it was our peak, Derya & Onur, we will never forget you....

14 September 2019

I went to Mr. Barış on the advice of another doctor. She was always by our side with her experience and knowledge, from the first week of pregnancy until birth. He answered with understanding every time we called. He is a successful and caring doctor in his field.

31 August 2019

I was examined by Mr. Barış throughout my twin pregnancy. He stood by us with his coolness, knowledge and experience during this really risky and challenging process due to my chronic illness and twin pregnancy. Thanks to our teacher, we held our babies in our arms. He is one of the rare people who devoted himself to his profession. Thank you very much sir for everything.

23 August 2019  • Postnatal control

We survived our high-risk pregnancy without any problems, thanks to our doctor, and I had a wonderful birth. I am very pleased with him.

1 August 2019 

Our dear Doctor ❤

We met Mr. Barış in the 6th week of my pregnancy, when I felt most vulnerable. I lived my 9-month story like a princess, thanks to my increasing hormones, anxiety, fear, panic and emotionality, which was difficult to deal with and experienced at extremes. He became a source of confidence for us by mastering the latest methods and techniques in diagnosis and treatment approaches in his field and carrying out pregnancy follow-up with all his dedication.

First of all, they become perfect people. ! If you have such a doctor, you are lucky.

Thank you endlessly for your patience, love, knowledge and support. I'm glad I completed my most beautiful story with you.

11 June 2019

I came across our teacher Barış as a result of my research on the internet. My wife and I were very worried about the loss I experienced during my first pregnancy, but at the first examination, we both said okay. He is one of the doctors who can do his job properly. There were times when I cried and felt anxious in the first days of my pregnancy :) He listened to my wife and I's panic on the phone many times. He made us feel at ease in all of them. Over time, you become like a member of your family rather than a doctor, we cannot thank him enough.

10 June 2019

We met with Mr. Barış by chance when we went for an examination. I'm glad he chose him and became his patient. We realized his success in his profession when we had a twin pregnancy on the first try. Thank God, we had the babies in our arms in a healthy way without any problems during my pregnancy. Birth and postpartum were also very important for me. I continued my normal life without any problems, even though I had a cesarean section 2-3 days later. The trust, sincerity, smiling face and comforting approach of our doctor is enough. We cannot thank you enough. May God compare everyone with doctors like you, may your number increase, I hope Mr. BARIŞ.

June 3, 2019  • Great happiness from small things

I guess I can't be modest about my doctor. I feel so lucky with Gülcem that of course I cannot ignore Ms. Mümine, who has never left me alone from the very beginning. We met Mr. Barış in the 5th week of my pregnancy, the only thing I needed was trust and we built it in such a way that he went to each of my examinations with a smile, as if a friend goes to a friend, and with his cool bloodedness, he endured all my nonsense questions, both in the check-ups and on the phone, and immediately He is the one who answers and comforts me. He was so important to my wife and me that he never lost his smiling face. As a matter of fact, your birth happened with joy, because we owe these laughter to our teacher Barış, to whom we surrendered ourselves with great confidence from the very beginning. Glad to have you :)

May 8, 2019

It had been a few months since I was transferred from Istanbul to Izmir, when I learned that I was pregnant. The first feeling I felt was great fear because I had had two miscarriages in a row in the past year and I was very afraid that this pregnancy, which came as a surprise, would also end. I had to find a good perinatologist and gynecologist very quickly. As a result of my research, I decided to go to Doctor Barış Büke and the next day I was faced with all my concerns and fears. My pregnancy, which came after 2 miscarriages, was accompanied by threatened miscarriage, developmental delay, and constant bed rest. This difficult process was accompanied by Barış Bey's continuous and strict follow-up, detailed information, precautions, return messages at all hours, smiling face, hope and sense of trust given by his professionalism. While my wife and I wanted to come across a good doctor, we had the chance to come across a good person who is competent in his job. Ulaş was born, he is 2 months old, but I can still talk to him about my son with peace of mind, even though I am not his patient at the moment and it is not his area. Our doctor is still with us. We would like to wholeheartedly thank our doctor, who is experienced, devoted, attentive, reassuring, professional and a good person...

6 May 2019  • Womb Movie

We met Barış Bey by chance when we went to İrenbe to shoot the movie Rahim. That day, we realized how important communication with the doctor was, because we had changed three different doctors before. We had a wonderful 9 months thanks to his communication, loving approach to his patients and of course his perinatology expertise. He was there for me whenever I was worried and answered all my questions without getting bored. We are glad that our son Tuna was with us on this journey as we held him in good health.

March 12, 2019 

After a long and difficult process, I met Mr. Barış. When I first saw him, I decided to continue my pregnancy under his control. He is a warm, friendly doctor who really understands the psychology of pregnancy. He is one of the few people I have met during the pregnancy and whom I am glad to say. I thank him.

February 28, 2019  • Pregnancy tracking

It was a great pleasure and a great chance for me to spend the most meaningful 9 months of my life with Mr. Barış. In addition to his well-equipped and reliable doctor identity, we completed the process with my beautiful son, as a humble person and a friend/brother who always welcomes us with a smiling face. With his explanations, you will not have the slightest question mark in your mind and you will go into labor with joy. He is now one of our family, thank you endlessly, Mr. Barış...

February 12, 2019 

Thanks to the trust he gave us at our first appointment with Mr. Barış, we continued our pregnancy follow-up with him. He is an excellent doctor with his smiling face, understanding and moral support in every worry and fear we have. After 11 years, we achieved pregnancy through in vitro fertilization in İrenbe and, thanks to Mr. Barış, we had our daughter through normal vaginal birth. I'm glad there are people like you who do their job so well and with love. I can't tell you enough. He is part of our family now. Thanks again and again

February 11, 2019  • Pregnant Follow-up

I completed my pregnancy smoothly, undoubtedly, stress-free, with my doctor Barış, whom I met when I was in a stressful situation in the middle of my pregnancy. In this process, Mr. Barış provides the trust that people seek most in the best way possible to all his patients. If you are looking for a compassionate doctor you can trust at this time, Barış Büke is that doctor. The fact that I gave birth with my dear birth coach Mümine Özdaş, whom I met thanks to Mr. Barış, helped me experience this process in a happy, peaceful and enjoyable way. Both pregnancy and birth were superb with this wonderful team.

October 26, 2018 

The most important thing during pregnancy is the feeling of confidence, only then you will have a comfortable and stress-free, most importantly happy 9 months.

Dear Mr. Barış, thank you very much for providing all these, for reassuring me not only in the pregnancy follow-up but also psychologically since the beginning of my pregnancy, for patiently answering my questions 24/7, and for still providing support in every aspect even after birth, I am glad to have known you.

October 5, 2018  • Risky Pregnancy

I met Mr. Barış in the 8th week of my pregnancy after I was looking for a perinatologist. I thought I was at risk because of my type 2 diabetes and my age, but the diabetes and thyroid were under control, but I had cerclage at the 22nd week and developmental delay and preeclampsia at the 24th week. My son was born at 950 grams at the 30th week. It was a short but difficult pregnancy. We had a doctor who answered me every time I called, guided me without getting tired, and followed me closely and constantly. And during the difficult Kuvez days, our doctor did not leave us here alone. He closely followed the developments about my son, informed him and stood by us in difficult times. I am very grateful to God for holding my baby in my arms and for crossing paths with Mr. Barış. My son and I thank you @BarışBüke.

September 17, 2018

Mr. Barış and Ms. Mümine are my family full of love and joy, helping me lay the foundations of the nuclear family I established. Mr. Barış, whom we met in the 17th week of my pregnancy, is my perfect doctor who turned all the unnecessary problems I had until this period from my pregnancy into a disease and turned it into joyful check-ups. My pregnancy does not exist before Barış Bey. I have never felt like my doctor was even a phone call away. He is a perfect person who answers all my questions one by one with his patience. Whatever I can say would be too little for Mr. Barış. I hope everyone will have a pregnancy lucky enough to cross paths with Mr. Barış.

July 18, 2018  • Detailed Ultrasound

Endless thanks to Irenbe and our doctor Barış, whom we chose for the detailed ultrasound. :) First of all, let me talk about the hospital, the cleanliness is great. There is no need for the SMILE NURSE photo in hospitals in this hospital because all the staff are very friendly and have gotten rid of their egos. By the way, you can drink your self-service tea or coffee while you wait. Let's come to our doctor; He personally welcomes you and first meets you, becomes your friend and helps you relax. When he starts the examination, he does not say that the area being examined is as it should be; Otherwise, it also tells what will happen and what the consequences will be. He makes you feel more comfortable by telling little jokes about the baby during the examination. It took about 30 minutes and then he personally sent us off again. Most importantly, even though we went there for the first time, he gave us his number without us asking and said you can call us whenever you want. Rest assured, you won't be able to get their number by asking many toktors. We were absolutely delighted and he is the only doctor we would recommend. Thank you Mr Barış, I'm glad to have you :)


June 27, 2018  • Prenatal Education and Birth Preparation

Even though we had nothing to do with in vitro fertilization, we chanced upon Irenbe. The biggest reason why I chose him was that he was a perinatologist. We said let me go and meet him and if I don't feel comfortable, we will look at another doctor. When we found out about the pregnancy, we went to meet him immediately... He made us feel all the confidence at that moment, and at that moment I decided which doctor to give birth to. I had already made my decision... Those who know us know that we went through very difficult times; our 35-day incubator adventure and our surgery... Think of a doctor who always takes care of you and your baby after birth, who is sometimes your big brother, sometimes your partner in trouble... sometimes the night. At the age of 12, he stayed sane and wondered about his patient and tried without sleeping to find out what I could do for him... who got the news on our behalf and reassured us when we could not hear from our child, who followed us tooth and nail when he was going to have surgery, who searched for doctors with us and produced solutions... that is why we made the right decision about the doctor. We would like to express our endless gratitude to our one and only doctor @dr.barisbuke, who made us feel in our bones hundreds of times...who made us say 'good thing' every time...and who was always there for us, and to @irenbe_ alie, who helped us meet such a valuable doctor.

Our Yagiz is a very strong baby. Despite everything, she clung to life strongly and is very good now. Because she is a BB baby. Our difference is our style.


20 November 2017  • Pregnant Follow-up

Our paths crossed with Mr. Barış in the 12th week of my pregnancy due to the high nuchal translucency detected in my baby. While I was going through one of the most difficult periods of my life, the moment when he told me there was nothing to be afraid of after the detailed ultrasound checkup is unforgettable for me. I wanted her to be my doctor because she did not forget that the other person was an expectant mother and was extremely knowledgeable and expert in her field. Even though I lived in Antalya, I came to Izmir for the check-ups. Finally, she gave us our baby healthy. I recommend it to everyone with peace of mind.


November 1, 2017 

First of all, as a native of Izmir, Mr. Barış is one of the rare doctors in Izmir, especially the fact that he is a perinatologist, that is, a risky pregnancy specialist, shows that you are even more lucky. Barış, a doctor who loves his job very much, looks at every detail in the check-ups to ensure that you can hold your humanitarian angel in his arms, I am not exaggerating, first of all, I am the one who came after 12 years of treatment. First of all, it is a miracle that my gestational diabetes came out. He is a doctor who gives me moral motivation to get it under control, day and night, no matter how much time he has, and I can tell you how good and successful he is. I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to hold my son safely in my arms. I recommend you, Mr. Barış, we love you, we are glad to have you, may God grant you good health and long life, doctors like you are rare, love.


October 28, 2017  • Pregnancy tracking

We met Mr. Barış during the 5th week of my pregnancy. I was looking for a good gynecologist and obstetrician in his field, and I decided to go to Barış Bey in line with the recommendations I received from many people. From the first check-up when we started the pregnancy follow-up until the birth, I met a wonderful doctor and a wonderful person. During my check-ups, the feeling of trust that Mr. Barış gave and the feeling that everything was under control were very important. Since it was my first pregnancy, I had a lot of concerns and questions, and she answered all my questions sincerely and patiently. During all ultrasound examinations, she explained my daughter's development in detail to me. Mr. Barış is a great opportunity for his patients and those who will meet him. I thank him very much.


September 19, 2017  • Pregnant Follow-up

The most important feeling needed during pregnancy is trust.

His scientifically based approach did not leave any question marks in my mind. I cannot thank him enough. He is knowledgeable, respectful, reliable....


September 8, 2017  • Peak

I went to Mr. Barış during my first pregnancy upon the recommendation of a friend. I had a high-risk pregnancy and bleeding. He made me feel very comfortable with his approach from the very first moment. He performed the necessary treatments and I held my son in my arms in good health. I can't thank him enough. He was with us at all times. Now I am pregnant with my 2nd child and Mr. Barış is following up again. I would recommend it to everyone.


July 17, 2017  • Risky pregnancy

I met Mr. Barış at Ege University Hospital. He is the superhero behind the birth of my daughter Defne. I went through a risky pregnancy process so easily thanks to his comforting attitude and meticulous management of the process without missing a single possibility. You sense his friend-like approach, his intelligence, his intelligence, and his comfort arising from his experience. I am so grateful to him that I recommend Mr. Barış to all expectant mothers around me who are looking for a good gynecologist.


July 13, 2017  • Pregnancy

I met Mr. Barış in 2014, when I was pregnant with twins at Ege University. Although I had great fears because they were twins, they all disappeared from the moment I met Mr. Barış. He is a very caring, friendly and very positive doctor. Thanks to him, I spent 37 weeks without any problems and even though they were twins, I gave birth to babies weighing 2850 g and 3 kg. It is very nice to know that you are now in Izmir again. I think Barış Bey should be the only address for those who want to have a comfortable, peaceful and carefree pregnancy... I would definitely recommend it to everyone. He is a great doctor. I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life. Thank you very much, Barış Bey...


May 20, 2017

We met him in İrenbe. If you are having a normal pregnancy, every doctor is a good doctor for you, but if you have a risky pregnancy, he is one of the best doctors you will meet. He is the best doctor I have encountered with his knowledge, understanding, approach to the patient, interest and kindness. Thank you endlessly for your effort. conclusion No matter what, I hope every expectant mother whose heart beats with trouble will cross paths with you.


April 7, 2017

We met him at Ege University when I got pregnant with twins. He is a wonderful man who made me feel like I gave birth in a private hospital under the freest conditions. He is a wonderfully positive doctor who does his best for his patient and can see the next step. He is a sincere person who shares all his joy and excitement with his patient.

The only name I can recommend to anyone who embarks on their motherhood journey. I'm so glad you're in Izmir again :)


April 6, 2017

My doctor, Mr. Barış, is extremely polite and sensitive to questions and concerns. He is a doctor who does his job wholeheartedly, is peaceful and reassuring, and is seriously specialized in his work. Thank you very much for everything, my dear doctor.


April 4, 2017

To say that he is my hero would be an understatement. I met him at Ege University and he was at my emergency birth. My uterus was torn when my placenta was leaving the uterus, I was bleeding and he saved me and my future by stitching my uterus because I didn't have any children and my uterus could be removed. I couldn't thank him wholeheartedly at that time. I lost my baby and could not become a mother, but I still had hope. Later, I got pregnant again, I was having a twin pregnancy, and this began our long struggle with Mr. Barış. After two losses in the womb and one loss after birth, the psychology of my twin babies was unimaginable. I was very scared, but I also wanted to be a mother very much. I would like to thank my beloved doctor, who has always been by my side and supported me throughout this process, and who has contributed greatly to me becoming a mother today. With his attitude that puts me at ease, his holding my hand in my fears, his knowledge, and his eyes that see what everyone else cannot see, I can say that you can trust me completely...


December 14, 2016

He is a very polite, caring and well-equipped doctor. It was my first pregnancy and he helped me have a peaceful pregnancy by eliminating my concerns with his excellent explanation. Thank you very much for your patience and attention.


December 13, 2016

I met him during my second pregnancy, I had a risky pregnancy and went there with a lot of problems in my mind, frankly, any doctor can easily look at a pregnant woman without any problems, the important thing is the choice of doctor in a risky pregnancy, there was not the slightest question mark in my mind throughout the follow-ups, his explanations are so simple and satisfying, also Apart from being a doctor, he is also an excellent person. Thanks to him, I had a very comfortable pregnancy and post-pregnancy period. This is the only doctor whose door I would knock on without hesitation if I got pregnant again.


December 28, 2015

We met Barış Hodja with our second baby. I think he is the friendliest, most wonderful doctor I have ever met. With his patience, interest and detailed explanation, he is a rare doctor for us curious pregnant women. Endless love from Izmir, sir. Lidya&Selin

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